Chanukah Gifts on the JewishGenMall #galicia

Sandra and Donald Hirschhorn <donsandyh@...>

Chanukah is very early this year beginning at sundown on November 29th.
Please don't miss the opportunity to support JewishGen while shopping in
comfort of your home. Shopping on the JewishGenMall is fast and easy,
and the prices are right.

Visit the mall at, click on 'Search' at the
bottom of the page and then for starters try typing in 'Gifts,' then click
on 'Go.'Or, select 'Chanukah' and again 'Go.'

If you have a particular book or video in mind, you can type in the title.
Or, if you prefer, select a topic in which you are interested such as
Children, Genealogy, Lithuania, Holocaust, History, and so on.

An appropriate gift suggestion for someone about to begin working on his
genealogy is the new Version 2.0 DoroTree Jewish Genealogy Software
for Windows users. Just type in DOT101 on the Search line and you will
see all the features available. JewishGen is offering this at a special
price right now."

Happy Chanukah!

Sandy and Don Hirschhorn
Managers, JewishGenMall

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