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Dear Wolf::

Thank you,

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Look in the possibility of Klibanski, I think I saw this last name in
Wolf Bergoltz

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I am researching grandparent/ggrandparent KLIVANSKY family relatives who
from Keidan in the 1890 - 1900 period and settled in Cambria County, PA.
Eli Klivansky 1849 - 1941
Anna (Chana) Klivansky 1879 - 1944 Married to Myer Charleston
>from Neistot-Tavrg, Lithuania
and Dora, Louis, Morris, Phil, Sam, Ida, Gertrude Klivansky

Also researching nearby Neistot-Tavrig, Lithuania. Surname unknown -
Americanized to
Charleston (Charlson)

Open to any help >from fellow researchers.

Sheldon Cohen
Marietta, GA

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