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Suzanne Kaller <> writes:

My great-uncle was a homesteader in Argentina and settled in >Mosesville
(?). His name was Avram Brenner. He came >from a shtetl >near Odessa
called Dzagifka. I believe he became a cattle rancher.
Does anyone have any information to share?
Suzanne and others:
Moises Ville has been mentioned many times on JewishGen ...when I first
wrote in asking about it, I was greeted with hoots of "You never heard of
Der Yiddishe Gaucho? And no, at that point I never had... but since then
I've learned much about Moises Ville which was a Jewish Agricultural colony
established in Sante Fe Province by Baron Maurice de Hirsch.

Your family name BRENNER is probably well known to the group who are trying
to organize the records >from the synagogue and place them in their own
Museum in Moises Ville. They have been very helpful to me in getting me
information about my SKIDELSKY family who came there in 1894. Since the
Museo operates on a very limited budget, it is appropriate to send them a
small donation to help them out. They accept U.S. dollars and will
probably be delighted with a personal check.

To learn more about this Jewish community in Sante Fe province, Argentina
there are several things you can do...

All linked >from Jewishgen at
click on databases and then select Jewishgen Discussion Group archived on words like Moises Ville, Sante Fe Argentina
JCA (Jewish Colonization Association)

Also check out the interactive Publications Database to see if anyone has
entered any books about Moises Ville or Argentina

Sorry to take so long in answering your message, but things have been
popping around here with the new server and all of us getting used to using

Good luck with your search...I will be posting information about searching
in Argentina shortly.

Carol Skydell
Chilmark MA

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