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Jose Gutstein

I have a lead that the son of Radzilow Rabbi Kiwa/Akiva Goldberg (who served
in that position >from the late 1800's to early 1920's), went to Sao Paulo,
Brazil, and may still be alive, though ill. His name is Itzak HARPAZ (having
Hebraicized the surname). His wife is named Hannah Harpaz. He has two sons,
one of whom is named Alexander Harpaz, and he's a doctor. The other is named
Akiva Harpaz (after his Rabbi grandfather)

If someone knows this family or can please contact them for me, I would be
very appreciative.

I have a lot of information and documents for this family about their
Goldberg roots in Radzilow to the late-1700's, and connections throughout
Israel and America. They likely have photos and/or letters >from the Rabbi,
and I would really like to find those.

I can also put them in touch with some of their distant Goldberg relatives I
recently found in Israel, who provided me with the lead.

Please contact me privately if you can help me get in touch with this

Thank you.

Jose Gutstein
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