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I am enquiring about (Mirkado) Mordechai (Al)-Batsrawi. Mordechai was a son
of Avraham who came to Erets Israel >from Basra in Iraq in 1830. Mordechai
himself was a merchant in Beirut and then moved to Buenos Aires where he
died in the year 5677 (1916-1917). More details of the family can be found
in the book Yehudei haMizrah beErets Yisrael vol. 2 pages 40 and 702. When
did Mordechai arrive in Argentina and with whom? What is the exact date of
his death and where are his descendants today?

Samuel Josovic

MODERATOR NOTE: Please see the JewishGen InfoFiles and in Countries select Argentina for
information on records and their sources in Argentina.

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