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David Lewin <davidlewin@...>

I am sorry, I do not speak Spanish.

I want to locate a woman called Ruzena VOGLOVA, originally >from
Czechoslovakia. If she is no longer alive, I will need to find her family
or her legal heirs.

ALL I know about her is as follows:

Ruzena Voglova. left Czechoslovakia for Argentina. This information comes
from decree on National Administration in Prague issued on 28 Dec. 1953
according to which "she was in somewhere in Argentina" and therefore
"politically not trustworthy".

She could have left earlier, after 1948.

VOGLOVA is the Czech, female form of the family name VOGEL
Ruzena (Czech) is similar to Rose or Rosa or even Shoshana. There can be
more variants.

So, I may be searching for a Rosa VOGEL or a number of similar combinations.

In the AMIA cemetery data base a friend has found:

Rosa Embon Vogel - June 14, 1988 - Tablada
Rosa Guiton Vogel - January 19, 1958 - Tablada

How can I get help to make contact with the family members of these two
ladies please???

Can you guide me in any way on this?

Is there in Argentina an association of Ex-Czechs nationals?

Maybe you know of someone else who can be asked?

I would be most grateful for any guidance you can give me.

Thank you

David Lewin

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