Latin America #LatinAmerica volunteers needed for Published by JewishGen Project #latinamerica

Carol W. Skydell <cskydell@...>

Dear JewishGenner's
We have need for volunteers with very specific skills and experience.
Please review this list of "help wanted" and let us know if you would
like to offer your time to the Published by JewishGen project.

1. Editor and proofreader : This requires previous experience as an
editor because the role can be challenging. It involves editing material
originally written in another language and then translated into English.
The end goal is to come up with a document that maintains the integrity
and style of the writer, but observes basic English grammar. Is this
something you can do while working in a word processing program that
will ultimately be converted to a pdf file for delivery to the printer?

2. Layout editor who can take the above described material and convert it
to a pdf file following the requirements for printing.

3. Graphics editor who will take on the responsibility of designing the
cover of a book, selection of font and style and "look" of the finished product

4. Experienced advertising writer who can provide messages promoting the
finished product, not only to our own constituency but to libraries
that maintain collections relating to the topics of our publications.

If you have an interest and previous experience, please let us hear >from


Carol W. Skydell, Published by JewishGen Project Manager
Vice President, JewishGen Special Projects

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