Gold Chains #galicia

Marlene Bishow <mlbishow@...>

It is my understanding that in many photographic studios there were (are)
articles of clothing that the patrons could borrow to wear during the
photograph. A working man without a suitable coat might wear a more formal
dress coat for the purpose of the photograph. Likewise, there might be a few
blouses or dresses that a woman or girl could wear. This occurred 100 years
ago in Europe and in the US also, as it does today,

Although modern digital photography more readily facilitates touch-ups and
modification of photographs, earlier photographers had methods and tools for
creating environments with backdrops, props and furniture; as well as
costumes, makeup, wigs. Occasionslly, a paintbrush or pencil were used to
enhance or modify the photograph, but this was less common, as it required
artistic skills and was costly (as it is today).

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