Latin America #LatinAmerica Re: Family research in Argentina #latinamerica

Helen Mahler <helen_mahler@...>

I am looking for family in Argentina.
My great uncle left Poland in the 1920's with his wife for Argentina. His
name was Wolf Miedzinski. He was born probably in the 1880's in Wloszczowa
in the province of Kielce. His mother was Maria Perla Konecpolski and his
father was David Shier. He had 3 brother's Yechiel Shimme, Isaac Meyer and
Joseph and 2 sisters Rozsa and Sura. Most of the family perished in the
Holocaust and contact with Wolf was lost.
I have done research through the Jewishgen, Jewish Records Indexing Project
in Poland and also through Yad Vashem but have had no luck trying to find
family in Argentina.
Any advice I could get into finding family in Argentina would be greatly

Helen Miedzinski Mahler
Toronto, Ontario


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