Latin America #LatinAmerica RE:Searching for Misha FRIEDLANDER of Buenos Aires, Argentina #latinamerica

Sarah L Meyer

Hello Genners,
When looking for someone in Argentina there are two places to check
on line. The Argentinean phone books,
Put the surname in the space labeled "apellido" and hit "Buscar"
In this case we come up with about 41 people but no Misha. However his
name was probably changed to a Spanish first name, and my guess would be
one that starts with "M". The other place to check is the Jewish
cemetery list on line and again we
find quite a list (shorter this time), but no Misha.
What I would do now is to see if any other first names match your family
and try writing a few people or phoning them. The numbers are small
enough that you might get lucky and find someone who knows or is related
to your Misha Friedlander.

Sarah L. M. Christiansen,
Georgetown TX


1. Searching for Misha FRIEDLANDER of Buenos Aires, Argentina

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