The tree that "eats" gravestones - this time with the photos #galicia

Eva Floersheim <evaflor@...>

In May 2002, after my visit to Lubaczow, I wrote a little text about a tree
at the Jewish cemetery in Lubaczow that "eats" gravestones.
Several persons wrote to me after that telling me that photos showing this,
would be worth more than thousand words.

Now a Polish culture magazine on the Internet named Zwoje (Scrolls), nearly
all in Polish, has published the text with the photos, in English and
Polish. Next to my text is the one Zenon Lis wrote. Zenon is originally from
the Lubaczow area, but now lives in New York. We had corresponded on the
internet when Zenon told me how he, a Polish student, remembered looking at
that same tree >from his highschool window in Lubaczow around twenty years
ago. When he saw my photos and read my little text, he contacted Andrew
Kobos, the editor of Zwoje, and this is what came out

The message remains the same: We must hurry up to document the remains of
Jewish life in Galicia, before nature and time erase what is still there.

Eva Floersheim
Shadmot Dvorah

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