Need Help With Polish Archives or Libraries #galicia

Alan Weiser <alanboy@...>


I am doing research on the Polish Arenda/Dzierzawa and I could use your
help if you have Polish/English language skills making inquiries to AGAD
and other Polish Archives. I am preparing a listing of potential
archives, their addresses and email addresses. I will supply you with
letters of inquiry, which I would need you to translate into Polish and
send off by postal or email. Any replies will require you to translate
the Polish into English and then mail/email them to me. If you can help
me, please let me know as soon as you can.

The Arenda/Dzierzawa is a contract to lease land or other assets. It
was used by Polish noble families starting >from around mid 12th Century
to around 18th century. The lessor would lease land for agriculture,
mills, forests, breweries, taverns and similar assets as well as rights to
collect taxes to an Arendar(Lessee) for a fixed sum of money. The Arendar
would then control any serfs that lived on the land and would manage the
assets to derive a profit for himself.

My inquiry to Polish archives and Libraries is to determine if copies of
arendas/dzierzawas can be obtained, and if so the cost for each.

If I can get access to such arendas/dzierzawas, I would need your help
with translations so I can get the following kinds of information:

What I need to obtain is examples of the arendas/dzierzawas (actual
wording of the leases), the kinds of arendas/dzierzawas that were in
use (what assets were covered), the names of nobles on the
arendas/dzierzawas, the names of arendars (most frequently Jews) that
were on the arendas, the lengths of time specified in the arendas, the
fees charged for arendas, the issue dates of the arendas; what
areas/regions were covered in arendas; especially any that covered Galicia.

If I can complete the research, I will write an article for the Gesher
Galicia journal, The Galitzianer. Any help you provide will be given
credit in the article.

Have a Happy New Year.

Alan Weiser

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