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The pages that you mention in your message have been translated and are
available on the Przemysl Yizkor Book Translation Project Website at

If, after looking at the translated material, you are still interested to
take a look at the original, our Przemysl Shtetlink website includes
information on how to obtain the book, either through purchase or >from a
library. Go to Click on the Yizkor

I would wholeheartedly encourage you (and anyone with interest in Przemysl)
to familiarize yourself with the information that is already available on
the Internet. Check our website mentioned above for tips on how to
start your research (click on the Research button), and consider joining the
Przemysl Networking Group :-).

Hope this helps.

Barbara U. Yeager
Przemysl Networking Group Coordinator

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Subject: [galicia] Looking for my family

To all those who have the Przemysl Yskor book
I have learned that on page 205 the name Glazer was mentioned
and on page 368 was the name Stolzberg mentioned.
These were the family names of my grandfather his daughter and his
maiden name of his wife, who was my stepgrandmother.
I would be grateful if these two pages are scanned and sent to me.
Arieh Mayer
Haifa Israel

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