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Meriam Haringman <meriamharingman@...>

I have been doing genealogy for over 20 years but I am happy to relate what
I have on my roots in Bohemia. My cousins Pierre and Roger HAHN and I are
researching together the HAHN family >from Neugedein. We have been able to
get back to Michael and Katarina HAHN. Michael HAHN died on 24/05/1802 in
Kouty, Czechoslovakia. They were married in 1769 in Kouty. They had seven
children and I only have data on the first-born my ancestor Jonathan HAHN
who was born about 1770 in Kouty, Czechoslovakia and died on 22 08 1831. His
siblings were: Simon, David, Juda, Joseph, Lebl and Lazar. I am still
looking for data on these siblings.

I am also stuck with the children of Jonathan HAHN and Catharina SCHWARZ who
married on 20 07 1798 in Kouty. Here too I only have the descendants of the
first-born, Ruben HAHN born 1800 in Neugedein and died 29 01 1862 in
Neugedein . The siblings of Ruben are:

Leopold, Joseph, Michael and Israel. Here too I would love to fill in the

Recently I had contact with a Tom HAHN who was born in Rakospolata,
(Budapest) Hungary and claims his roots are in Bohemia but can't trace them

In addition to this family I am also researching the following families:

BARNETT = ZWEIGBAUM >from Tresboli, Poland and migrating to London, England
in 1850

BANETH >from Praag, Stampi, Nikkolsberg and >from 19th century Germany,
England, US and Israel.It is a Rabbinic family.

GOITEIN >from Kojetein (thus the name), Hogyesz, Hungary and >from 19th
century Germany, England and Israel.It is a Rabbinic family.

HECHT >from Durkheim, Gemany and >from 19th century France, England and US

WALK >from Vilna, Lithuania and >from 19th century to Germany, England, US and

WILLING all >from Amsterdam, Holland going back to 17th and 18th centuries.

Meriam Haringman nee Goitein
Jerusalem, Israel

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