Latin America #LatinAmerica Baruch Menchel Stern of Lima, Peru #latinamerica


I search for information on my late uncle Baruch Menchel/Menczel Stern.
Baruch Menchel Stern was born 1906 in Uscie Biskupie, Galicia, then under
Austrian rule, later Poland and now Ukraine. My father Jacob Menchel Stern,
1908-1938, was his younger brother.
Baruch Menchel Stern immigrated to Palestine during the 1920s, moved after a
few years to the US and later went to live in Latin America. My father died
very young and many members of our family died in Poland during the
Holocaust. Contact with Baruch Menchel was lost completely. Just recently
was I lucky to find in Jewishgen a website with an index of the Jewish
cemetery in Lima, including photos of many gravestones. Among them I found,
to my great surprise, the grave of Baruch Menchel Stern, 1906-1970. I am
positive that this is the grave of my father's lost brother. I am very much
interested to find more details of my late uncle's life and family and
certainly getting in touch with his wife, if she is still alive as well as
with possible descendants. I will be most grateful for any information or
assistance to further my research. I have already tried to contact several
Jewish institutions in Lima, but these have not been responsive.
Thanking you in advance for any help,
Nurith Meretz, Israel

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