Latin America #LatinAmerica descendants of Grigory/Gregorio (Hirsch) Rabinovich from Russia in Argentina #latinamerica

Nathalie Ried <nathalieried@...>

Shalom to all,
I'm a new member of this Sig so please forgive my lack of
knowledge/experience in Latin American Jewish genealogy.
I'm looking for some information about the descendants of Grigory /Gregorio
/Hirsch ben Shimon ben Girsh Berko RABINOVICH, who was my grandmother's
half-brother : her mother Rozalia Bat Yakov DAICHES married Shimon
RABINOVICH in Riga in 1888 and Grigory was born in Vilnius on Dec 20th 1892.

My mother has always told me that her mother Alice Amalia bat Benyamin Boris
WITKIND had a half-brother who had emigrated to Argentina. Unfortunately I
have no idea of the exact year of his departure, probably around 1912 or
possibly later.
Rozalia 's other children were my grandmother (Alice) Amalia (born in
Vilnius in 1897), Vera, and Tamara (born in St Petersburg in 1907.)

Apparently there are many Rabinoviches in Buenos Aires only, and the problem
is that I can understand Spanish a little but I don't speak it.

That's all I know, I hope to find some descendants or at least traces of
Grigory's trip to and life in Argentina, so I'm trying my luck here, many
thanks in advance for any tips or information,
Happy Chanukah,

Nathalie Ried (Marseille, FRANCE)

Moderator Note: You should check the CEMLA database. There are 63 Rabinoviches listed. Use the Spanish interface.

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