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Yoni Kupchik

Dear friends,

I=92m happy to announce a new project - Indexing census records and =
passengers lists of Jews that left Europe with the aid of the Jewish =
Colonization Association (JCA). Around the beginning of the 20th century =
the JCA helped thousands of Jews flee >from Europe (mostly Russia and =
Poland, but also more western parts of Europe like Germany) and sent =
them to agricultural colonies mainly in Argentina, but also in Uruguay, =
Brazil, Canada, USA, and Palestine. The JCA kept the passengers lists =
and census records >from those colonies and those records are now stored =
in the Central Archives of the History of the Jewish People in =
Jerusalem, Israel.=20

During the project we will acquire copies of those records and generate =
a database of all the names. The amount of information in the Archives =
is enormous, surely consisting of more than 100,000 names. We need your =
help to make this happen. Help can be offered in three ways:

1) We need volunteers that can go to the archives in Jerusalem with a =
digital camera and take pictures of the documents. This is the main =
bottleneck of the project so if you think you might be able to help =
please contact me.

2) We need donations to cover the expenses of taking the pictures. In =
order to donate money please go to the JewishGen-erosity page =
(, choose the Latin America =
SIG on the right, and then donate money to the first project on the =
list. Any donation is greatly appreciated!

3) We need transliterators. The records are in classical Latin alphabet =
and mostly easy to read. No knowledge in Spanish is required.

For more detailed information about the project please go here: =

Please contact me directly to

All the best,

Yoni Kupchik
Charleston, SC

KUPCHIK - Orgeyev (Bessarabia);=20
GORODETSKY - Teleneshty (Bessarabia)=20
OKS - Sudilkov, Odessa (Ukraine)=20
SITNITSKY - Kanev area, Ekaterinoslav area, and other regions in =
Ukraine; =20
SHABADASH - Kharkov and other regions (Ukraine)
DORIN - Odessa (Ukraine), Bessarabia; =20
SHKODNIK - Khoshchevatoye, Odessa, and other towns between Odessa and =
Uman (Ukraine)=20
GLUZMAN - Odessa, Krivoye Ozero (Ukraine)=20
KOSOY - Dobroye and Kherson area, Chigirin and Kiev area (Ukraine)=20
RABINOVICH - Novi Bug? (Ukraine)

And all of the above in Argentina=

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