Latin America #LatinAmerica taking pictures of tombstone in Bahia Blanca (AR) #latinamerica

claudia crivisqui

Dear =A0Genners=2C=0A=
I am in =A0need of=A0 photos =A0>from =A0the =A0Jewish =A0Cemetery in Bahia =
Blanca (Argentina)=2C where is a far relative of mine : Elias KRIVITSKY (or=
first name and surname phonetically very similar)=2C=0A=
deceased July 1938=2C 06th.=0A=
Plot : Sector I=2C Fila 31=2C Colu A.=0A=
If you are able to help (or know someone who can help=2C please then tell h=
im further on)=2C it would be very kind >from you to take =A0some general vi=
ews of the tomb but also sufficient additional photographs=2C in appropriat=
ed resolution=2C to make the texts legible on the pictures after zooming in=
on the computer.=0A=
If you think all inscriptions on the stone=2C as well in Hebrew as in Latin=
characters=2C wouldn't be good legible on the pictures=2C could you be so =
kind to sketch those on a paper in order to send me them in a mail.=0A=
Also if =A0there is a photograph on the stone of the man who passed away=2C=
please take a picture of it at high scale (macro ?) so I could very clearl=
y recognize him.=0A=
Many thanks !=0A=
If =A0further explanation =A0is wanted=2C also in Spanish language=2C pleas=
e write directly to me at my personal email.=0A=
I would like to thank the AMIA for this similar help received in Buenos Air=
Kind regards=2C=0A=
Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve=2C Belgium=0A=
Searching for=0A=
(Ukraine=2C Argentina) =

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