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Elaine Farran

Our family originated in Konskie, Poland with a unique family name: Champanier.

My Argentinian cousins have said their great-grandfather came >from Ukraine to Argentina and become a gaucho. According to my research, I learned that many of the Argentinian gauchos were Polish Jews who went to Ukraine and ultimately to Argentina.

I'd like to learn more about these immigrants, but don't know what kind of records I should be searching. I don't know if Argentina has ship records and applications for citizenship as we have in the US. My cousins do not have any records. In fact, they know little beyond their great-grandfather's name, his wife's name and the fact he was a gaucho.

So --- this is what I do know so far:
Generation 1: Adolfo Champanier, married Maria Chepowa/Chipovetski emigrated >from Ukraine, settled in Rivera in the province of the Pampas.

Generation 2: Samuel Champanier, b. 1904 - Ukraine or Argentina? Buried in Tablada Cemetery (Buenos Aires); wife: Ester Dubini/ Dubinsky

Generation 3: 2 sons - Roberto (deceased) and Arturo

My contact has been with Roberto's and Arturo's children and cousins.

How do you suggest I proceed?

Elaine Farran
Long Beach NY USA
Researching CHAMPANIER (Poland, Argentina, Israel, US); CHENCKINSKI/SKA: Konskie area, Poland.

--- elaine

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