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Cheryl Tallan

Hi all,
We are looking for information on the Shlyapochnik family. There are two
brothers who probably immigrated to Argentina in the early twentieth century
(one Todros definitely immigrated in 1909). They are buried in the Jewish
cemetery in Santo Tome, Santa Fe, Argentina. One of our group who knows
Spanish wrote to the Registro Civil in Santa Fe.

Below is a translation of the answer he received. Do you know any way of
getting any information about Todros (Tody) or Aizik Shlyapochnik or
Shliapohnik, or any of their descendants or family in Argentina.

"Good morning, I write to you per your request, my name is Sebastian Monti.
I comment to you that we have carried out the search for the death
certificate of Todros (or Tody) Shliapohnik.

We carried out the same for January of the year 1954 in the books of the
city of Santo Tome, Santa, Fe, according to the reference data that you
provided to us.

In the books of that time and city, there has not been recorded any death
with that first and last name; due to the fact that someone is buried in a
city does not mean that he had died in Santo Tome, so that he may have died
in another city. To be more precise we need for you to supply the date and
exact place of death. If not, the search will always have negative results.

Please contact me for any service..."

Cheryl Tallan

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