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My grandfather went via Vilna-->Allenstein German-->Cuba-->Mexico-->U.S.

He was in Mexico >from around 1920 to 1930. I have a record of him
crossing into the U.S. in El Paso at the end of 1930, but he is not in
the 1930 Mexico census.

Anyway, he told us that he landed in Veracruz and (I believe) spent
some time there but spent most of his time in the Chihuahua region,
working for the national railroad and also on elevators in the mines.
(He was a mechanic.)

If you have had success doing research in the Chihuahua/Veracruz area,
and/or if you have a researcher to recommend who could help me, I
would love to hear >from you.

General tips for doing research in Mexico, feel free to reply all.
Specific information, and researcher recommendations, please reply privately.

Thank you!

Ruth Kraut, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Searching: Kraut, Perewoskin--Mexico

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