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Subject:Trohn and Bransky Families of Jelgava and Riga
From: rcamaur@...
Date: August 27, 1998


My husband and I recently returned >from the Federation of
Genealogical Societies National Conference in Cincinnati Ohio, U.S.A.. =
our work schedule would not allow us to attend the Jewish Genealogy
Conference in Los Angeles in July , this Conference was a suitable
alternative. It was a very good conference. Bruce Kahn, >from Rochester Ne=
York JGS gave several excellent seminars including a special presentation=

on digital applications. Daniel Schlyter, the collection development
specialist for the LDS library in Salt Lake City , specializing in Easter=
European, German and Jewish Records gave four great seminars. The point
being that the Conference had a serious concentration of seminars
appropriate for Jewish genealogists. I think this is thanks to our fello=
genealogists such as Bruce Kahn, Gary Mokotoff, Elen Polakoff, Mike Get=
etc. etc who have given so much of their time and effort to assist us in
our research.

I wrote to the Latvian archives on May 14, 1998, on June 6,, 1998=

we received a confirmation and we are anxiously awaiting their research. =
do understand that the archives closes for at least one month during the
summer and we hope to hear something in the September-October time period=
So for any of you who do not have an address for the archives it is:

Mrs. I. Veinberga
Head of Department
Lativjas Valsts Vestures Arhivs
Slokas iela 16
Riga LV- 1007

In the event any one has any ancestors or any familiarity with th=
surname Trohn or Bransky, please let me know. =


Nancy Camaur

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