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Elsebeth Paikin

I am using The Master Genealogist (TMG) for my research, and I have just
begun to make a "Timelines"-file specifically listing historical events
concerning Jewish history.

Primarily I focus on the events in Russia and Poland which led up to the
emigration at the end of the 19th Century and the beginning of the 20th
Century, as that is the most important topic for me in my research at the

However, I plan to expand this "Timelines"-file so that it covers all the
persons in my research. It will take time, of course. But as the
"Timelines"-file develops I will make it available to others in some way
(Maybe downloadable >from Or just sent it to those who
ask for it?

I suppose that such "Timelines" would also be of interest for other
JewishGenners - even if using other programs.

I therefore thought that we might help each other in creating such a

The file used by TMG is a DBase-file, but that is of no importance, it
could be any database-program as long as it has the option of a Memo-field.
It could also be a structured textfile. In all cases the file could be
converted to the DBase-file used by TMG, or it could be converted so some
other format used my other genealogy-programs.

The database-file should consist of four fields:

Memo-field for text.

A text-file could be structured correspondingly with one line for each
field and a marker for end of the entry. Or it could be structured as a
delimited textfile with e.g. "," between the fields and a new line for each
"Year","Month","Date","Text .........end of text"
"Year"," "," ","Text .........end of text"
Empty fields = " "

As I see it there are two possible methods of cooperation:

We can work on each our set of timelines and share it with each other every
month or so.

Someone could collect single pieces of information (e.g. sent by e-mail)
and enter it in the database, and at intervals send the database to those
participating in the project (and others). (I'll be willing to do that).

We can just enter all and every historic detail we encounter, or we can
split up into groups focusing on specific areas.

Let me hear if ane of you is interested in this
and any suggestions will be most welcome.

Best regards

Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark,
e-mail: elsebeth@...

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