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MIKE GETZ <mgetz@...>

I think this is a great gesture and an overdue idea. Will discuss with Marion
nad Paul how best
to take this further.

Latvia SIG digest wrote:

Latvia SIG Digest for Tuesday, November 24, 1998.



From: "K.& L. Bertelsen" <>
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 05:03:26
X-Message-Number: 1

Further to Martha's message, I have just received some information from
Aleksandrs Feigmanis, including copies of pages >from the Libau cemetery
journal, viz. pages :

44 (two sides)
58 (two sides)
116 (two sides)
209 (two sides - but left hand side is not all legible despite enlargement)
213 (right hand side only)

Some of the entries (in German) are not very clear and some of the dates
are also not easily readable.

AF also sent me some extracts >from 1912 and 1921 Libau directories - odd
pages only - partially covering letters A, M-Pa, St and La. All in German
and very readable for English-only eyes!

Before I saw Martha's message I was in fact wondering if this information
could somehow be made available to the whole group, either in database or
other form, via the Latviasig homepage or perhaps via Paul Berkay's
wonderful site?

I haven't really had time yet to look at all this information in depth, and
cannot do any looks up at the moment, but if the group or perhaps Paul
Berkay would be able to use this I would be happy to send photocopies to
Marian, of whoever Marian nominates or Paul (via snail mail), which I can
enlarge a little to make things a little clearer. Because of the costs
involved in photocopying, mail, etc. I can only send this to either Marian
and/or Paul. Sorry.

Perhaps other Latviasig members have other pages >from these directories or
the Libau cemetery list which could be combined into a database which could
be accessed via the Latviasig homepage? I do not think any of this
information would be restricted by Copyright.

Lorraine Bertelsen
Boho downunder



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