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Here in Israel, we have been trying to collect as much information as we
can about modern Latvian Jewish and have begun a database of names given
to us by the Latvian Jews who arrived in Israel lately or who escaped the
Shoah. There are many books, telephone directories, professional
directories, Jews in the military directories, medical personnel
directories, and so forth, available for use. I am at a loss as to how
to make these resources available to us since they are privately owned,
written in Cyrillic or Lettish, and require knowledge of someone knowing
these alphabeths, at the very least. I do not, under any circumstance,
want constantly to disturb the owners of these materials, since in
general they are of an advanced age and are already being kind enough to
offer the resources. Does anyone have any constructive suggestions as to
how to go about this?

One of the sources of a rich Latvian library wished to know if any of us
has any family by the name of TSAL [Tsaddeh -lamed]. The gentleman's
cousin, Yerachmiel ben Baruch TSAL b. 1928, was murdered in the Shoah in
Rasneken near Daugaspils. But he was known to have family in America.

Warm regards to all! Martha

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