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Martha Lev-Zion <martha@...>

I have answered everyone's letter that I have so far received personally, instead
of doing it via the SIG. I will keep you posted, all of you, just as soon as we
know what sort of responses we are getting and if we will be able to pull this
off. If there are only a half a dozen people interested, I don't think we can
manage the purchase. I hope that more of you are just lurking out there waiting
to jump on the band wagon! Come on! You ARE the bandwagon!! Let's get this
thing up and running!

Martha LEVINSON Lev-Zion >from Israel <>

LEVINSON (Goldingen, Latvia)
LIEBERTHAL (Latvia/Lithuania) Anyplace in the world.
HIM(M)ELHOCH (Latvia) Anyplace in the world.
LEVOR/LEFOR (Barchfeld, Germany) Anyplace in the world.
ROTHSCHILD (Bamberg, Germany)
BERNET/BARNET (Frensdorf/Bamberg, Bavaria - Germany)
HIMMELREICH (Frensdorf/Bamberg, Bavaria - Germany)

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