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Martha Lev-Zion <martha@...>

Shalom to all! I want to thank those of you once again who
are sending in
donations. People are beginning to make good on their pledges
and more people
have volunteered and pledged! We also received a letter from
David Hoffman.
David also very kindly offered to share the hard earned
lessons the Litvak Sig
learned when they extracted and set up their searchable
database. This is what
genealogy is all about! Thank you David!

I think I already addressed the comments that my friend Marion
made about the
project in my former posting, and I once again thank Marion
for bringing up
these issues so that we could answer them.

We need some volunteers immediately to read and translate some
written German
pages. These pages are the key to mapping the microfilms into
logical groups,
which will allow cross referencing so that the entire set will
become totally
organised and logical. As you can see, we can already begin
our work

Onward and upward!! Martha

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