Re: Klepperle / Klepplerer #austria-czech

David & Diana Laufer <dlaufer@...>

Once again I thank Celia Male for her assistance with my research.

KLEPPER does not even appear in my German -English dictionary, but then neither
does knacker appear in the English - German section of that dictionary.
So the translation of this word (an old horse) is appreciated. Whether it is
an occupational name or a nickname is unknown to me. I was very tempted to
joke about used horse dealers, but resisted that temptation.

If he was a knacker, perhaps he worked in close cooperation with a leather
merchant. Were there any LEDERERs in Hermanuv Mesto ?

In response to my previous posting in which I raised several questions, I
received several replies to one of these namely the meaning of Posamentierer.
In summary this occupation is a maker of lace and other trimmings used in
clothing and upholstery


David Laufer

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