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The game mentioned below with the string is one I learned as a child and it
was called cats cradle by those who played it, although I learned it from
Christian friends. The Pisha Paysha game I was taught by my grandmother
who was born in Lithuania was actually a card game played with a complete
deck of cards. It was similar to rummy or poker.

Patcha patcha kichalach was a game she played with all the children when we
were small and we use to clap hands while reciting the rhyme.

Anita Drexler
Sunny Isles Beach

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The thread which dealt with the hand game of Yiddish
rhyming, pinching, and tickling brings to mind the game my
grandmother taught us called (phonetically), "pisha
paysha", in which a string is tied, creating a circle. The
circle is tautly placed outside both upright hands which
face each other. Without recalling exactly how, I
remember shapes being created >from the string with a
finger >from each hand, each player taking a turn creating
a new geometric shape while easing the string off the
previous player's hands onto his/her own.

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