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Dear All,
At the moment new entries to the database are on hold while JewishGen
restructures the underlying search engine. We have a number of databases in
the pipeline and you will receive a full review in the next issue of the
Latvia SIG newsletter which is now in the final stages of production. We
have about 15,000 new names and entries for the database which have been
completed since the launch earlier this year in July. We are hopeful that
Michael Tobias and Warren Blatt will have finished their important work by
mid December when we will all share in the fruits of our wonderful
volunteers. Shortly I will be announcing the next tranche of projects and I
hope that more of you will be moved to come forward.
Meanwhile the Courland Research Group thought that you might all enjoy
reading some new material about the history of the Latvian Jews. Paul Berkay
has obtained and donated a collection of fascinating confidential reports
from the US consulate in Latvia >from before World War II. Visit us on
The Consular report headed The Jews of Latvia is a comprehensive report
made by Consular officials in Riga to the US government about the state of
the Jewish people and includes information on such topics as alcoholism,
education, birthrate, criminality, divorce, family life, Jewish Community and
Religious organisations, marriages, illegitimacy rates, languages etc etc.;
We are very grateful to Sherri Goldberg, Margaret Kannensohn and Jerry Becker
for typing the raw data into word files which load quickly and make the
material easily available. Our webmaster Bramie Lenhoff has created the
indexes so that you can go directly to the bits that interest you. Don't
forget you can always download to floppy disk and read off line.
While you are visiting don't miss the report dated 27th May 1940 on Anti
Semitism in Latvia.....written only weeks before the terrible fire bombing of
the Great Choral Synagogue.
The database will soon include references to more than 60,000 individuals
once our new databases are on line hopefully in December. This has been
achieved by the combined work of the Latvia SIG and the Courland Research
Group. Arlene Beare has been busy through contacts in Latvia ensuring that
the areas of Latgale are fully represented in the database and on line and
substantial lists >from Dvinsk should soon be available and I understand that
Rezekne is shortly to follow.
This is a long e-mail but so much has been happening I have really only
touched the tip of the iceberg.
Now visit our Courland website and prepare to be moved and surprised.
Best to all, Constance [database Co-ordinator and Steering Committee of
Courland Research Group] e-mailing >from London

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