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Hello Dr. Salit. The following is all the information I have on my
relatives...the Lieven family: Levin Lieven, b. ? was the father of
Hirsh Lieven, b. ca. 1768 in Schlock, d. ca. 1835...married 2nd wife Sara
(nee Levy) & they had a son Marcus Lieven, b. ca. 1810, d. 2-12-1878 in
Riga. They also had daughter Rahel Lieven, b. 1802, son Hosias Lieven, b.
1808, d. 1836, daughter Minna Lieven, b. 1815 and daughter Jette Lieven, b.
1818. With his first unknown...Hirsh had a son Jacob Lieven, b.
1797, d. 1844 who married Helena (nee Mendelson) b, 1811 and they had
children. Marcus Lieven married Mariane (Mirjam) (nee Danziger) who was born
1821 and died 2-26-1870 in Riga. Marcus & Mariane had 3 children ...Sara
Lieven, b. 12-23-1851, m. 1869...Lieb Lieven, b. 4-23-1853 who married Lina
Shifra (nee Hirshfeldt), b. 11-15-1851 and they had children... and Israel
Lieven, b. 4-7-1857, m. 3-3-1885 and d. 9-10-1893 all in Riga. Israel Lieven
married Hana Esther (nee Feldmann), b. ca. 1858. Israel and Hana had 7
children....Aron Mordchel (Ore Marcus), Mera (Marjane), Leya, Josel Nisen
(Josiph), Haya, Sheina Menucha and Sara. Mera was my maternal grandmother.

Leonard Kessler, Arad, Israel

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I sent you some more information on the family. If you replied, please send
again to this address since my other e-mail died.

Irving E. Salit
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