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ts a been a bumper 6 months of effort on the database front and the Courland
Steering Committee is delighted to announce a major new database resource
which provides information about the Jewish Families of the old capital of
Courland, Mitau [now Jelgava] circa 1845. This is in addition to our other
new material >from Jacobstadt, Grobin, and Tukums which are now in the Family
and Recruits database. This is an important early list with information on
over 4,000 named individuals. Even you you are not aware of any family
connections with Mitau you may be lucky in finding family members among these
entries since it was not unusual for families to be registered in a different
town >from the one in which they lived or carried on businesses.
The database effort has been a major project which has involved contributions
from both the Courland Research Group and the Latvia SIG who have donated
material and then worked on the various projects to ensure that it is
processed and brought to birth on line. We received formal approval for our
database proposals in January 2000. Now in February 2001 we have information
in database form for well over 60,000 individuals. We believe that this has
been a remarkable success story for Jewish genealogy. The links forged with
the State Historical Archives by Arlene Beare and other contacts in Riga have
benefited us all. Our volunteers have shown wonderful enthusiasm and
commitment. Recently we have had a whole new set of volunteers offer skills
and we will be making the most of these as our new projects are organised and
shepherded through the system. Believe me, after all the work it is the
greatest pleasure and fun to see it all connected and live and I hope you too
will share this feeling.
Meanwhile have a look at
Let us know how you get on. Its fun to share success stories. Good luck in
your searches. Best regards Constance [All Latvia Co-Ordinator]

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