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Tukums was a major centre of Jewish life with a large Jewish community in
Kurland. We are delighted to announce that the Courland Recruits and Family
Lists now includes contains a substantial database of names >from Tukums and
the surrounding area. You can search this database by searching the All
Latvia Database at and we hope you will enjoy it and
benefit >from it. There are just under 4,000 named individuals recorded.
Again the compilation of this list was sponsored by private donation and we
hope that this example of sharing will inspire others to support similar
projects. The details will be up in the coming days which will include full
details of the various project proposals for both Courland and other areas of
Latvia and an explanation of how you can receive full US tax relief in
respect of contributions.
Meanwhile best regards, and good luck in your searching
Constance Whippman [Database Co-Ordinator]

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