Latvia SIG #Latvia aol and rejection of messages #latvia

Arlene Beare <arl@...>

We are having trouble again with aol v6 and rejection of messages. I am
posting a message >from the Litvak SIG newsgroup as it addresses the
problem. Replace Litvak with Latvia in the message as the same problem
applies to us.
Arlene Beare

I had the impression, >from something which I saw a while ago on this
Digest, that by upgrading to AOL 6.0 we would be cutting ourselves off >from
LitvakSIG. Was I mistaken either in my observation or in my interpretation
of it?
Dr. William A. Saxton
Boca Raton, Florida
MODERATOR'S NOTE: Dr. Saxton's impression of the message about AOL 6.0
is generally correct. AOL 6.0 uses HTML to send messages and therefore
messages arrive in the LitvakSIG moderation queue laden with MIME encoding.
Such messages are automatically rejected by moderators of most other
Digests; Although your moderator tries to work with some MIME messages,
some are virtually incomprehensible because of the coded characters running
through them, and must be rejected.
If you have already "upgraded" to AOL 6.0 and cannot retrieve your previous
AOL versions to send messages, you can go to and
send your digest message >from their website, which does not turn the
messages into MIME.
However, for AOL users, there is another, very serious problem that is
getting worse every week. AOL increasingly "reads" messages such as the
LitvakSIG Digest (as well as those >from JewishGen and other SIGs) as "spam"
and won't deliver them. Discussions with AOL have taken place, but with no
results. This is even worse for those AOL users who subscribe to the
discussion group with individual messages.
More and more AOL users are now also subscribing to some free e-mail
program just to make sure that they get their digests.
All digests are archived on the Jewishgen website, but this usually is not
done until several days after the digests have been received.
Also, if you think you have missed a digest, you can send a message to:
In the body of the message, write
get litvaksig yyyymmdd
(For example, to get yesterday's digest, you would write:
get litvaksig 20010313)

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