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A Yiddish World Remembered, premiering Sat., August 10 at 9:10 p.m., on
New York Public Television station WLIW, tells the story of Jewish life
in the shtetls and urban cities of Eastern Europe at the start of the
20th century using never-before-seen archival film, photographs and
interviews with scholars and some of the last remaining villagers, many
of whom currently reside in the New York metro area. Actor Elliot Gould

Click here for full schedule on WLIW;t=3&p=20031

The program also airs Sunday, August 11, on WNET.

Andrew Blumberg

BLUMBERG: Bielsk Podlaski, Grodno Gubernia, Poland
EDELSTEIN / ADELSTEIN: in or near Bessarabia
EIDUS / EIDUSS / AIDUS / AIDUSS / ADUS / EDUS: Dvinsk & Riga, Latvia
GOLDMAN: Kolki, Ukraine
GERMAN / GURMAN: Bessarabia
GILMAN: Ukraine (Kolki)
KAPLAN: Bielsk Podlaski, Grodno Gubernia, Poland
KAPLAN: Kolki, Ukraine
LASKOWITZ: near Vilnius, Lithuania
RICHMAN: Radomyshl, Ukraine
RITZ/RITS: Drissa & Miori, Belarus
KIPELMAN / KIPPELMAN / KIPILMAN: Kolki, Ukraine, and Lutsk (Luck),

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