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Ella Barkan <elbarkan@...>

It seems that there is no Corcisco town or village, however I found 2
possibilities that sound phonetically similar, both mentioned in “Pinkas
Hakehilot Latvia and Estonia”.

On March 1916 an organized evacuation by train started in Daugavpils, the
majority were sent to 3 districts: Vuroniez, Oriol and Kursk or Kursek (p.
92) but it does not say were it is located. Information given about Gostini
list that most Jews left as refugees towards inside Russia.

Another possibility can be the town Karsava that was called by the Jews
Korsovke or Korsova (p. 213), around the same time many refugees from
Krustpils and Livani arrived there.

About Varaklani it says that at the end of 1915 many Jewish refugees
arrived. They refused to be evacuated into Russia. Finally 35 families were
forced to leave and were sent to Stavropol.

Ella Barkan

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