Latvia SIG #Latvia Re: Corcisco, Latvia? #latvia

Marj Green <marjgreen@...>

Thank you so much, John Cakers, for your incredible detective work
to help identify Corcisco, Latvia.

Using maps showing the railway system in Latvia in 1914 to suggest
that the town is Karsava, Latvia was a brilliant idea. Since the
spelling of the name of the town was typed by someone who was listening
to a taped interview with Beila Feigelson in 1980 in Birmingham, Alabama,
and the event Beila was recalling occurred around 1914, I think it very
likely that the spelling chosen was quite different >from the actual town name.

Thank you again for your help.


Marj Gruzen Green
Los Altos, CA
Researching: GRUZIN/ZEN/SIN/SON and FRIEDMANN >from Riga, Gostini,
Krustpils, etc, Latvia and >from Kovno and Vilna, Lithuania
HOFFMAN >from Ozorkow, Poland, and WESOKEK >from Sierpc, Poland

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