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Dear Arlene,
Thank you and the many others who have done a great job on Jewish Gen.
I am at the point now where I've reserved my flight to Riga and will
be visiting with the rabbi there and will then be travelling on to
Daugavpils, where the family came from.

I read your excellent review of "History of Latvian Jews" and noticed
that the author lives and teaches in Daugavpils. Do you happen to have
an e-mail address or telephone number of Josifs Steimanis? It would be
a great treat for me if I could talk with him while I was in Daugavpils.

Look forward to your reply.
Best regards
Linda Schwey

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From: Arlene Beare []

There have been many messages of late requesting advice on travel in Latvia
and the Archives. May I suggest that all enquirers consult the Latvia SIG
webpage first and read the relevant pages. I went to a great deal of
trouble to put online a lot of information for just this purpose.Any
further enquires could then be formulated in a message but most will have
their queries answered.

Arlene Beare

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