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Eric writes:

I have a bit of a mystery and I wonder if anyone has any suggestions: In the
Hamburg emigration lists, there are two records for a Benjamin and Sara
BENJAMINSOHN >from Goldingen who emigrated to New York in June 1891. Given
the names and the small size of Goldingen, I'm pretty sure that these are
relatives. I have searched through every possible name variation in the
online 1900 U.S. Federal census for all 50 states and can find no record at
all. Also no Social Security records. I figure the following are
There is still another possibility, Eric. If you found them on the Hamburg
lists twice in the same month and year, it could be that they missed the
boat [excuse the pun], or changed their minds about coming. If you could
locate the manifest itself, you might find their names crossed off. There
might be many reasons for that: they might have taken sick; changed their
minds; died, God forbid; been in an accident or any number of other
reasons. On the other hand, I did find these Benjaminsohns on the Ellis
Island site:

Benjaminsohn,Samuel 19y 1912
Benjaminsohn,Selde 22y 1909

Benjaminsohn,Selma 22y 1909

If there is anyone else who has relatives >from Goldingen, I made a list of
all the Ellis Island entries for Goldingen and would be glad to look them
up for you.

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