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Eric and Paula Benjaminson <oregon81@...>

Shana tovah to everyone, and thank you for all the fine suggestions I
received in response to my question (below). May we all celebrate the
holiday in peace.

Eric Benjaminson
Brussels, Belgium
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BENJAMINSOHN, Goldingen, Latvia
NURICK, Goldingen, Latvia
GALINSON, Slutsk, Belarus
OSTROWSKY, Slutsk, Belarus
MARDER, Slutsk, Belarus

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From: "Eric and Paula Benjaminson" <>
I have a bit of a mystery and I wonder if anyone has any suggestions:
In the Hamburg emigration lists, there are two records for a Benjamin
and Sara BENJAMINSOHN >from Goldingen who emigrated to New York in June
1891. Given the names and the small size of Goldingen, I'm pretty sure
that these are relatives. I have searched through every possible name
variation in the online 1900 U.S. Federal census for all 50 states and
can find no record at all. ...snip...

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