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Stanley Judd <stanleyjudd@...>

I have extracted all Judelowitz and related spellings >from the EIDB. My
list now includes spellings with an 'e' in place of the 'o', 'v' in place of
the 'w' and 'wicz' and other forms of the suffix. I have three groups of
Judelowitz, Judelovitz, Judelowicz and other Judelo...
Judelewitz, Judelevitz, Judelewicz and other Judele...
Judela..., Judelw... and miscellaneous spellings
The third group includes many probable names which were spelled wrong on the
manifest or misread >from the manifest. I have not included the surnames
Judel or Judelsohn etc. My files do not include copies of any manifest or

of ship passenger records.

I have processed Yudelowitz in similar fashion.

I have organized the results in date-of-arrival order and grouped probable
families together. I have also noted if there were no other possibly
related names starting with the same letters on the same ship. I am posting
this list with the following objectives:
To make the data available to other Jud... researchers
To obtain any Jud... data you may have >from any other source
if you have not previously shared it with me. I will search
my general files and send you any related data I find.

Stanley H. Judd Los Altos Hills, CA
Locations northern Lithuania and Latvia

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