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Elsebeth Paikin

A number of subscribers to the Latvia SIG Discussion group and other
lists have reported messages with attachments that appear to contain
the BugBear virus. Others have sent messages with information about
the BugBear virus, but these messages have been rejected, instead
the below general information >from Carol Skydell is sent out as a
one-time post for informational purposes only and is not the beginning
of a thread.

Best regards

Moderator of the Denmark SIG and
Latvia SIG mailing lists
Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark

LISTS....they are coming >from infected computers.

1. the "From" lines are forged by the virus and may appear to come from
someone you know, but the e-mail address that appears in the >from line is
not valid.

2. the Subject lines are forged and even when a familiar listname is
prepended in brackets, this is NOT where the message is coming from.

3. JewishGen's listserver is protected by expensive screening and any
incoming mail containing a virus attachment is REJECTED. These messages
don't even get to the moderator's incoming message queue.

4. JewishGen-hosted mailing lists DO NOT send attachments. Anything
that appears to come >from a JewishGen-hosted list containing an
attachment should be deleted immediately.

5. All subscribers should take steps to become responsible internet
users. They need to install current virus protection software and
keep it updated as new viruses appear with alarming frequency. Most
are targeted to Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express address books.

Carol Skydell, VP Special Projects,

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