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Dear folks,

Census records and family lore indicate that my REST / RESHT family lived in
Courland, Riga and Libau. (Solomon was born in 1881, Courland). However,
the only reference to a REST family I find though the databases online is in
the All Lithuania Databasa which indicates that this family lived in Plunge
and Ukmerge shtetls in Kaunas guberniya in Lithuania (just south of Riga).
(Solomon shows up on the 1899 HaMelitz records as living in Kaunas,
Lithuania, others in Plunge and Ukmerge.)

I did find a reference (All Lithuania Database Revision Lists) in describing
the Revision Lists that referred to:

""Jews originally >from Kaunas Gubernya who were expelled >from Riga, Latvia"
and a host of other lists showing the mobility of our ancestors."

Might this refer to my relatives? Does anyone know of the explusion that
this refers to?

Does anyone have any other thoughts on why my supposedly Latvian relatives
turned up in Lithuania? I am pretty certain that this one family of RESTS
( the only one that I find ANYWHERE) is indeed my family since the first
names and dates correspond so closely. Also, apparently many Plungians ended
up going to South Africa, and there is a branch of RESTs that did go there.
(I have yet to find them...)

Thanks for any help!
Elaine Bush
Pleasant Hill, CA

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