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Adam Yamey <Aandl.Yamey@...>

I am new to Latvia-SIG.
My name is Adam Yamey and I live in London, UK.
Most of my research interests lie in Jewish families which left Germany and
Lithuania to settle in S.Africa and USA.

I am a descendant of the KATZIN family which originated in Plunge,
Lithuania. One of the Katzins seems to have lived in Riga. This is what i
know of his family:

Israel Katzin

Israel Katzin probably lived in Latvia. He was married to Marianna
HIRSCHBERG. They had eight children who survived into adulthood.
Birgit (Gittel) Katzin

She was the oldest of Israel's daughters. She was a very beautiful woman who
married Dr Max FISCHMANN, a doctor in Riga. They had three children:
Seraphim (Seric), Beatrix and Olga. The Nazis murdered all Olga, her
parents and her grandparents. Seraphim and Beatrix survived the Second World
War because they were at school in Switzerland at the time. Soon after the
war these two children returned to Riga to look for any survivors of their
family. They were unsuccessful. They have never been heard of since their
return to Riga. A rumour has it that they were taken off to Soviet Central
Asia as were many children of the once rich and powerful families of
countries occupied by the Russians.
Rachel (Rachelle) Katzin

Born next after Birgit, she was a charming lady who married a young medical
doctor >from Frankfurt in Germany. Lived in the United States. Had two
daughters: Isabelle and Evelyn both of whom lived or still live in
Agnes (Agnessa) Katzin

Born in 1888, she graduated >from Dorpat University in Estonia. She married
Dr Michael SCHENK (born 1880). His doctorate was in chemistry and other
subjects, but not medicine. They had one child, a daughter, Sylvia Johanna
Schenk (1914-1976) who married in 1937 Peter Ben FREEMAN (a writer in the
USA). Agnessa, her husband and daughter migrated to the United States and
thereby escaped the Holocaust.
Nathaniel (Nathan) Katzin

Nathaniel was the first son of Israel Katzin who survived into adulthood.
He died a bachelor in the town of Vereenigung, the town in which the treaty
ending the Boer War was signed in 1902.

Philip Katzin

Went to South Africa with his brothers. He married and had three children:
Sonny, Bob and Dolly. Dolly married a Mr PRICE (Purvetsky).
Louis and Moritz Katzin

They also accompanied Nathaniel to South Africa. Moritz was a very talented
mathematician. Along with Philip, Louis and Moritz were involved in business
ventures with Cecil Rhodes and probably also the Barnato Brothers in the
diamond fields of Kimberly. Nathaniel was an investor in his brothers'
business but not actively involved.
Louis and Moritz had children. Some of their sons flew in the RAF and died
in the Battle of Britain.
Wilhelm (Wolf, Bill) Katzin

The youngest of Israel's children Wilhelm married Sonja, a friend of his
sister Rachelle. Sonja had at least one parent of Estonian origin. Bill
was an engineer who specialised in railways and invented a number of things
including the 'piggyback' railway car. He died when his two daughters, Leona
Belle and Mary Joy(born 1932), were very young. Leona Belle was an artist
who died in the 1980s. Her younger sister Mary Joy adopted the name Marie
and married a Roumanian aristocrat, Count JORGULESCO.

Can anyone add any more to this information? Does anyone know any of the
above or their descendants?

Please reply to me, Adam Yamey, London, UK

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