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I am researching Myer Wolf Peischel who emigrated >from Lemburg in 1900. He
was >from the village of Nowosiolka, Austria. Myer's date of birth is around
1857. His wife was Chaje and they had eight children--Israel, Jente, Tene,
Kalmen, Chaim, Beile, Schmil and Dwora. Myer had three
brothers--Jacob, Harry and Isaac. He had one sister but I do not know
her name. Myer's parents were Israel Moishe and Natalie.

One of Myer's daughters listed Przegnojow, Austria (possibly near
Przemyslany) as her place of residence. Samuel Pitchel (Isaac's son and
Myer's nephew) had Therespol, Austria listed as his place of birth on his
naturalization papers dated 1900.

Would be interested in hearing >from anyone researching the above names or
who has information on the places.

Thank you for your time.

Kathleen Pitchel
Dayton, Ohio

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