R' Yakli of Buczacz #galicia

IsraelP <zach4v6@...>

The entry in Tidhar's Encyclopedia of Pioneers for Dr Ephraim Fischel Pickholz
(1902-82), says that his father was "Harav Dov Pickholz (son of R' Yakli of Buczacz,
author of the book "Perushei HaTanach").

I have found no other references to this man (R' Yakli), his family (children aside
from Dov/Berl) or his book.
I believe that R' Yakli's wife - whose name I don't know - is the Pikholz here and
that she would be >from Skalat. (I even have a good guess on who her parents
are, but all this is speculation.)

Does anyone have anything that might help out here?

A chart on this family can appears at http://www.pikholz.org/Families/Ilan.htm

Israel Pickholtz

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