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I have no idea if this SINGER is related to the family you are seeking, but
their seems to be some items you have in common. This man was close friends
with my grandfather during his time homesteading in Kratka MN. Hope this
obituary provides some leads for you.

Andy Lasda

Stephen Singer, the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Singer, was born in Stanhope,
N.J. on August 15, 1882. The Singer family moved to MN in 1888 and Steve
attended the Gully school, moving to Rhoda in 1907 where they operated a
store and many "Barn" dances were held (now the V. Radnieckie farm). In 1907
Steve moved to Kratka where he operated a store and was appointed Postmaster
on October 3, 1907. He continued in this position until the Postoffice was
closed March 15, 1928 and mail was delivered out of the Goodridge office.
In 1909 Steve made two trips to Minneapolis, once to marry Mathilde
Berghous, the daughter of a German minister, on August 3, and the second
time when he accompanied a fellow postmaster Mr. Wm. Hunt to the State Fair.
Steve's next move was to Goodridge in 1928 where he operated a store,
assisted by Gunder Tveit and became the Goodridge Postmaster after Jennie
Payne went out of office.
Steve bought furs >from local trappers and kept them in the back room of the
postoffice in the winter time.
Many of the local people, when financially distressed, turned to Mr. Singer
for assistance, often only the man's word and a handshake were the binding
agreement. Eventually Steve owned many quarters of land that he picked up as
"Tax Delinquent."
He was a member of the Goodridge schoolboard, actively promoted the Rural
Electric Cooperative program, and held several other public offices.
Steve's family consisted of his half brothers Emil, Bill, John, Leonard,
Mike and half-sister Anne. His wife, Mathilde, lived in Cable, WI for many
years preceding his death on April 22, 1955 and burial in Greenwood
by Unknown

Steve Singer was a friend of Andrew. In a letter >from Mathilde to him
shortly after Lucy died, she reminds him of how he used to write letters on
Sunday, when he lived in the shed behind the store in 1911. The families
sustained contact for many years. It is believed the Steve bankrolled
Andrew during his time in Kratka.


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From: "Russ" <>
Subject: [latvia] Re: Westerman

What do you have on the Judelowitz? I have a Meyr Udelowitz, who immigrated
from Russia (born Kovno) in the 1880s, and became a rabbi in Lowell, MA. Is
there a connection? (spelling doesn't count)

Russ Singer in the Bay Area, CA

searching for:
SINGER - Ukraine, Brooklyn, Bayonne NJ
BAUER, STARK, WANDER - Lviv, Brooklyn, Bayonne, NJ
METZGER - Hannover, New York, New Jersey
MAYER - Lethringen (Lorraine), Freeport NY
HERTZBERG - Riga, Lowell MA, Jersey City

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Subject: [latvia] Re: Westerman

I am in touch with a few Westermans but only in connection with the
Judelowitz branch of my family. I do have an Ida Guttman 80y old
with my Brilliant family. She was a roomer with James Kaskell in San
Francisco in the 1920 US Census for California. The only data I have is
that she came to the US in 1870 and was a widow. I have a feeling she may
have been related because there were two other widows with him, both from
the Brilliant family and no one else.

Good luck on your searches.


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1. Westerman, Weiner, Gutman


Subject: Westerman, Weiner, Gutman

Just a few days till we travel to the UK and Europe (Latvia in late
and now I have a copy of my family tree. Perhaps I could learn something
more over there if I had a few more leads.

My ggparents were cousins. They were Lieba Weiner b1865 and Leib Yehuda
Gutman b1853, both of Friedrichstadt (Jaunjelgava).

Their mothers were sisters. Lieba's parents were Riva Westerman and
Weiner. Leib's parents were Frada Westerman and Helman Gutman.
all born 1830's - 40's.

Riva and Frada Westerman's parents were Sara and Lippe Westerman,
born 1800's -1810's.

Do any of these names occur in anyone else's family tree?

Are there Gutman's in anyone's family that far back? I have no
for Helman Gutman.

All spellings are approximate. I'd appreciate any leads.

Sue Levy
Perth Australia

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