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Ella Barkan <elbarkan@...>

I am trying desperately to find my third cousin Barbara JACOBSEN with
whom I lost contact at 1972. I wrote to a few addresses where she has
lived after she left her home in Dumont but all were returned with
the note – Unknown.

I have found her first letter to me that was posted in 1959 and her
address then was: 23 Highwood Drive, Dumont New Jersey. At that time
Barbara was about 12 years old. I don’t know her parents name. I only
know that she had an older brother Ricky and that her father owned a

Her paternal grandparents were Abraham and Bessi JACOBSON who lived in
Bronx. In 1958 their address was: 1645 Grand Concourse, Bronx 52 NY. I
presume that they passed away circa 1980. My guess is that Abraham was
born in Latvia and probably arrived to US around 1910.

I need help in 2 matters:
1. Finding Barbara’s parents name. Someone who has access to a local
library that got the 1959 New Jersey phone books.
2. I wish to get the group’s advice of how can I locate my cousin?
I have Barbara’s date of birth but if she is married and changed her
surname what else can I do?

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Ella Barkan

ZIDON (Latvia, Lithuania, USA, Argentina, Uruguay, Poland, Israel)

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