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Dinberg Donna <donna.dinberg@...>

Hello Nicolas,

You have enough information to direct your query to the Latvian
State Historical Archives. They have information on residents
of Dunaberg (now Daugavpils) during the years you mention and
will most likely be able to provide details on your family >from
their collections. A number of us on this list have received
what could be termed "goldmines" >from the LSHA in response to
simple queries about our families.

Details on contacting the Historical Archives is available here:

(Note that it is the _Historical_ Archives you want, not one of the other
Latvian offices holding various records.)

Good luck with your research.

Donna Dinberg
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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From: Nicolas Grossfeld []

I am searching for all possible information about Lausik GROSSFELD
born on November, 18th 1862 in Dunabourg(Dvinsk).

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