Latvia SIG #Latvia RE: re Cowan/Schneiderman from Latvia #latvia

Dinberg Donna <donna.dinberg@...>


For Niara, you might try Lithuania. There are two D-M matches in
ShtetlSeeker, one of which (NAIRIAI) is very close to the Latvia-
Lithuania border.

(I am obliged to note that opinions here are personal and do not
necessarily reflect those of my employer.)

Donna Dinberg
Librarian, JGS of Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Is there an online map of Latvia that I can access? I am
looking for the whereabouts of three places. Friederichstad,
Courland, Latvia, Chesnik
(Jesnik) Latvia, and finally a place nobody has ever heard of
called Niara, Latvia. Is there a place called Niara?

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